How To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker

How To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker

Many at times we have heard of systems being hacked by malicious people. This leads to stealing and leaking of important /sensitive information. But it is now possible to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a system so as to prevent hacking. This work is done by an ethical hacker. But who is a certified ethical hacker?

A certified ethical hacker is simply a professional who is skilled in identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems. He understands hacking and uses this knowledge to assess the security situation of target system in a lawful and legal way.


For you to become a certified ethical hacker, you need to enroll for hacking courses. You will learn about advanced hacking tools and techniques that are normally used by malicious hackers. This is important because for you to be able to beat the hacker, you must think and act like one.

The course will put you in the mindset of a hacker. This will help you to prevent hacking of target systems in an organization.You will also learn how to scan,test and even hack the organization system. Furthermore,you will be taught how to secure it.

In this exciting course, you will learn about the 5 phases of ethical hacking. You will also be taught about how to approach target and break at each and every point.

These Are The Phases

l Reconnaissance

l Gaining Access

l Enumeration

l Maintaining Access

l Covering Tracks

There are different tools and techniques of hacking. You will learn about their meaning and how to apply them. The course will help you to know when an attack has been launched against your target. You will employ techniques of a malicious hacker to assess the security of data in an organization.This will help you to fix any problem discovered before hackers identify it. By so doing, you will prevent damage that could have been caused by hackers.


The course also entails physical security. You will learn about all the weak points of a organization and come up with a way of fixing them so that hackers do not have their way in.

Special laboratories are used. They mimic real life hacking situations. Such as recovering deleted data that contained evidence of the hack.  You will be put into hacking world and learn how to fix problems.

At the end of the course, you will sit for an exam. If you pass, you will be awarded certificate and qualify as certified ethical hacker.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is quite clear that for you to become a certified ethical hacker, you should go through training, sit for a test and be awarded certificate.You will learn about tools and techniques of hacking . You will be able to identify weaknesses in an organization and fix them.